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7 Common Questions With Answers About Automotive Bulbs

When replacing the burnt-out car bulb, have you ever stopped to think of the exchange should do in pairs? Or is it allowed to use a different model from the original factory in your car? There are several doubts about automotive lighting. We prepared some answers about automotive lighting.

1, Aftermarket headlight bulbs may differ from the original one
Truth. It is possible to use other types of bulbs such as 9006 led bulb in the headlights. It is to change original headlight bulbs to super bright halogen bulbs, which perform better as whiter light, more style, more light so that the driver can see better and with greater durability. Another possibility is to install LED headlight, with different technology, but of higher quality.

2, Can I use the low beam for daytime lighting
Truth. For cars that do not have daytime running light (DRL), the low beam on roads during the day must use to comply with the law. Vehicles equipped with DRL must use DRL, as its light emission is different from the low beam, as it projects lighting upwards, at the level of the eyes of pedestrians and other drivers, so that the car can see.

Automotive Bulbs

3, Headlight bulbs must change in pairs
Truth. If a bulb burns out, it means that the other bulb is already at the end of its lifespan, so the exchange must be done in pairs. Another point is that the bulbs lose their brightness over time, and if only one is changed, the lighting will be different on each side of the car.

4, Ordinary halogen bulbs wear out over time
Truth. The natural wear and tear on halogen bulbs alter the luminosity they emit, and that is why it recommends doing a preventive change every two years.

5, Can I change the headlight bulbs at home
Truth. Replacing the bulbs is a simple process done by the owner at home, as long as he can correctly regulate the direction of light. In cars that need to detach the headlight, or it is difficult to access to the bulb for the change, it recommends leaving the service to a specialist.

Automotive Bulbs

6, The headlight bulbs are all the same
Headbulb bulbs can be of various types, for example, H1, H4, H7; each has a different shape, size. However, even bulbs of the same type can have different benefits, such as greater visibility, more style or durability. Also, the bulbs vary widely among manufacturers, because materials, production processes, and technologies directly interfere with the performance of the bulb.

7, Should I align the headlights when changing a bulb
Whenever a bulb replacement made, it is important to check that the headlight alignment is correct. It ensures that the light beam provides the right lighting and prevents glare, in addition to ensuring better visibility.

8, LED bulbs are better than xenon
Truth. The energy consumption of LED bulbs is less than that of xenon. Also, in general, they perform better with more light, last longer and have a higher color temperature, with whiter lights.