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Buying and Installation Guide: Best 9004 Led Headlight Bulbs

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In auto stores or Amazon, you can find a more affordable led headlight bulbs from Chinese manufacturers, developed with the Philips or CREE led chips. They are much cheaper than the Philips LED Headlights.
But Remember! Good LED designs cannot be cheap. Cheap LED headlight bulbs on sale are also low-quality, the parameters of which often do not even closely correspond to the declared ones. It is better to refrain from buying such models.

Led Headlight Bulbs

Top 6 Best 9004 LED Bulbs

1, Philips X-Treme Ultinon Led – the number 1 in our top 10. It costs about 170 dollars for a kit, And the lifespan is very long – at least 100 000 hours or 12 years. Bright directional light output with a temperature of 6000K is emitted, providing excellent visibility for the driver. The brightness declared by the manufacturer is fully true: 1000 lm for the low beam and 1250 lm for the high beam. The model has a clear light border, does not blind oncoming traffic. It is fully suitable for replacing the standard samples in almost all cars. Philips has no shortcomings (well, except that the high cost, available to far from every buyer).

Philips X-Treme Ultinon Led

2, Atom 9004 Led bulb – are proven LED bulbs based on Philips LEDs. They consume the power of 40 W and produce an even luminous flux of a crystal-white color of 4800 lm, with a glowing temperature of 6500 K. Thanks to the small size of the LEDs, the manufacturers managed to create a light beam similar to an incandescent bulb. The sturdy aluminum case and passive cooling system guarantee a life of 50,000 hours. A design feature is the ability to change the position of the cooling radiator, which makes installation simple and quick.

Atom 9004 Led bulb

3, Hikari Led – the design based on ten Philips LED chips enclosed in a transparent plastic case, which provides reliable protection against damage and better dispersion. Power – 22 W, light output – 1800 lm. There are no external power supplies, which makes installation easy. A distinctive feature of started is the presence of additional filters in the kit, which allows you to get light with a yellow tint and a temperature of 3800 K and a blue tint – 7000 K, after sticking to the flask. The standard version, without additional filters, has a temperature of 5500K.

Hikari Led

4, Techmax Mini is a budget version of bulbs. They emit pure white light, 2600 Lm, 5000K. They work based on Epistar LED chips. Differ in uniform distribution of light. Equipped with improved belt cooling – a copper core and flexible steel radiators provide reliable cooling and long service life. Power 24 watts.

Techmax Mini

5, AUSI Led – They are based on six Philips LEDs and consume 50 watts of power. Reliable, resistant to vibration, can be installed on any car thanks to the included snag. Light filters for 3000, 6500, and 8000 K also included in the kit. They easily withstand power surges and temperature changes, have intellectual protection against overheating, and a radiator made of aviation aluminum. Like many other Chinese models, they have overestimated power and brightness.


6, ALLA Lighting S-HCR – the lite version based on 16 Epistar LEDs, not Philips, like the basic version of the model. Pure white light emits 2800lm, with a temperature of 5000K and a clear light border. The cooling system consists of flexible braided copper busbars. The efficiency of the bulbs is possible at temperatures from -40 to + 105C. The design includes additional tricks to bypass the on-board computer.

ALLA Lighting S-HCR

How to Install Led Headlight Bulb

Installing LED optics does not cause any special difficulties and can be performed independently. Initially, you should install the base ring (on all models it is removable) and secure it with a special lock. After installing the led bulb itself.

If there is a problem with the location of the cooling system – the cover will not close; you can install another larger cover or make holes in the standard one and bring the flexible tapes of the system out.

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