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H1 Led Bulbs Purchase Advice in 2019

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“See and be seen” – this is especially important in road traffic. When traveling by car at dark, it is essential that your lighting optimally illuminates the road. In this case, oncoming traffic and other road users must not be dazzled.

With dipped and the main beam on the car, H1 bulbs are used. These are available in different versions, which differ in tests, among other things in performance, luminosity, and color temperature.

Modern H1 led bulbs for high beam and dipped beam is significantly brighter than older H1 bulbs. Besides, they have a longer life and are available in several color temperatures.

How to Find the Best H1 Led Bulb for your Car?

You have the choice between durable and very powerful led bulbs. If you are traveling in darkness, mainly in urban surroundings, which is illuminated by street lighting, long-life led bulbs are ideal. These convince with particularly long service life.

For the rural area, there are no street lights and the like, so-called performance bulbs, which radiate particularly bright.

The luminosity is very high in most H1 led bulbs in tests. Some long-life lamp is slightly less bright than performance light bulbs. These have 4000K, 5700K, 6500K color temperature. 4000K is yellowish, 5700K looks like the sunlight, 6500K is blueish.

Although the 6500K H1 led bulbs look crisp blue, they are not brighter than bulbs with a yellowish-white glow. However, many motorists feel this light brighter.

As a rule, H1 led bulbs from tests can be used both as a dipped beam and as a high beam. To be able to replace both bulbs of your car headlights, H1 led bulbs usually offer in a double pack.

Led Bulbs

H1 Led Bulbs in the Test: Performance or Lifetime

Depending on what you focus on, you will find a suitable H1 led bulb in the Amazon. If you want reliable performance, you should grab a performance bulb that shines brightly. Especially when driving at night on rural roads, they pay off.

If you are more likely to travel in urban areas, long-life bulbs are ideal, which are also very suitable as daytime running lights.


How to change the H1 Led Bulbs on your vehicle

The engine and battery of your car must switch off when you replace the bulb.

First, remove the low beam cover when inserting the H1 led bulb. You can remove the old bulb by lightly squeezing the retaining clip and pulling the bulb out of the socket.

When inserting, pay attention to the direction of installation of the H1 bulb. Usually, only a variant of the connection of an H1 bulb is possible. If in doubt, take a look at the manual of your car: Here is how the bulb installed.

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