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H13 Led Bulbs: How to Make a Choice?

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When a bulb in your vehicle burns out, you can choose to replace it yourself, and it is necessary to select a right replacement light bulb. There are many H13 bulbs available for you. Which one is better? It depends on the effect you want to achieve. When we are looking for a good quality light bulb, actually we will focus on these features:The quality of the bulb: If the light bulb has the same quality to the bulbs from Philips, Osram, it would be a good quality light bulb;

The duration: if you travel a lot at night, you will take the lights on most of the time. Therefore, you wish the light bulb can stay brightness at a more extended time.

The lumen output of the light: We can find some light bulbs that emit a stronger white light on the road. But, from my experiences, this bulb has higher working power, which will make the light bulb work under high load and reduce the lifespan.

Led BulbsWhen replacing the bulbs, you must take care and do not touch the bulb glass or the LED chips; this will reduce the amount of light emitted and the durability since these bulbs are susceptible.Except for the quality of light bulbs, these factors will decide the brightness and lifespan of your headlight,

The oxidized headlight: In vehicles with plastic headlights, this is very common since they become oxidized and opaque over the years; this influences the light usage, so it directly affects safety when driving at night. With a simple polish, you can restore the headlights of your vehicle and recover the amount of light emitted by the bulb.

The reflectors of headlight: Over the years, the headlights of the vehicle can deteriorate internally; this makes the quality of the light or the quantity decrease. In this case, when detecting this problem, you must replace the headlight thoroughly.

The best H13 bulbs for your vehicle:

Philips WhiteVision: these lights have a xenon light effect, but they are halogen bulbs. They are ideal for those vehicles that do not mount the Xenon projector in the headlight housing. We all know that we need a projector to focus the light from the HID bulb, or the light beam will be horrible and dazzle the oncoming traffic.

Philips WhiteVision

M3 H13 Led bulb: M3 led headlight bulb is designed to match the halogen bulb size, which means they can directly install in many of the vehicles to replace the original halogen bulb. With the Philips ZES led chips, the M3 H13 led bulb can produce 4800 lumens, which are 120% brighter than halogen bulbs.

M3 H13 Led bulb

F3 Led bulb: if you are tired of the yellow lights and don’t want to remain the old car look, we recommend these white led light bulbs, which improves the appearance of your car and also improves safety when You drive on roads at night.

F3 Led bulb

If you are looking for where to buy H13 Led bulb, this is your site.

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