LED Bulbs for Cars
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LED Bulbs for Cars – All Advantages and Disadvantages

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Modern lighting technologies involve the use of various types of bulbs in automotive technology. We are talking about quality options for halogen products, xenon, conventional bulbs with a traditional design, as well as LED bulbs that are very popular recently. The latest light bulbs have excellent characteristics and can compete with any other products in quality and reliability. It is enough to choose the bulbs suitable for the base and power to get an effective and unusual version of LED light in car optics. It is interesting that when using various reflectors, this light acquires various characteristics and can turn out to be much brighter than the standard stock options of bulbs. With all its advantages, the LED bulb also consumes less electricity.
LED bulbs for cars have passed a rather long period of formation. It all started with the fact that drivers began to install pieces of the LED strip under the optical glasses in the car themselves. Then the manufacturers proposed more convenient solutions for cornering, sidelights, daytime running lights, and interior lighting. Today, LED headlights and fog lights have begun to appear. But these products are not too well studied and are quite expensive. In today’s publication, we will consider all the advantages and disadvantages of certain types of LED bulbs for your car. LED technologies are actively breaking into the automotive environment – but are they so convenient and useful? Let’s find out.

LED Bulbs for Cars

LED Bulbs in the Running Lights

DRL – this is not so long ago a mandatory innovation for all new cars. On daytime running lights, you must always ride, regardless of the place and time of day of your trip. At the very least, these lights should be on if the dipped headlights are not working. Some drivers forget to turn on such optics and receive unpleasant fines from the traffic police. Installation of LED lights seriously changes the features of using these optics for the following reasons:

  • You can connect DRLs on LED bulbs so that the optics turn on when the engine starts – let the bulbs light constantly, they will not load the system;
  • The low power of the optical light bulb makes it easy to use optics without much load on the generator and battery so that continuous operation is not scary;
  • The light is very bright, it completely replaces the halogen versions of daytime running lights and eliminates the need to drive always with the dipped headlights on;
  • H9 LED bulbs for DRL practically do not burn out, only with time low-quality LEDs can fade, but failure does not expect in the coming years;
  • LED optics also better relates to different conditions of use; LED technologies to have a wider range of applications than most modern solutions.

As you can see, in most cases, it’s worth putting LED bulbs in the daytime running lights, which will show your drivers on the road with the highest quality and seriously increase safety, especially on the highway. For all its benefits, LED bulbs will not consume much electricity; they can always turn on as soon as the engine starts. Of course, the cost of such technologies is slightly higher than halogen solutions, but the durability of LEDs is much higher.

LED Bulbs for Cars

Led Bulb in Turn Signal Lights

Turn signals in a car are one of the most important optical LEDs for driving safety. Especially for your safety, a left turn is important. To show drivers that you are going to turn on all sides, all three direction indicators on a standard passenger car should blink evenly, preferably in yellow. This result can be achieved easily with the help of LED bulbs, but here the situation is a bit more complicated than with LEDs in DRL for the following technological reasons:

  • The relay for intermittent operation of cornering bulbs is configured to work with halogen or conventional bulbs, whose load is much higher than that of diode ones;
  • If you install the LED bulbs in the turn signals without changes, they will blink very often and create an unpleasant strobe effect for others;
  • For the normal installation of LED-bulbs in the indicator, you must install a new relay or reconfigure the work of the old one (it is easier to buy an additional breaker;
  • The bulbs must fully comply with the brightness parameters and must be in the same base as the standard solutions for your car;
  • It is also necessary to take into account the operating conditions of LED bulbs – it is worthwhile to seal the space under the glasses well to avoid moisture ingress;
  • When installing white glasses of turn indicators, do not use white LED bulbs, this will create an incomprehensible effect and will confuse drivers.
  • 1156 led bulb with amber light is always the best choice for turn signals. The light color is almost the same as the halogen bulb so that you can remain the same turn signal lighting effect.

Interestingly, LED solutions for most cars today are produced by the same companies that began to penetrate the market of conventional lighting products for apartments and houses. Technology has reached its zenith and can use in a variety of situations. Today you can find quite a lot of offers from different manufacturers, but you should choose only those options that you can trust. It is better not to put cheap LED bulbs in turns.

LED Bulbs in the Side Marker Lights

Good parking lights are often an important option to protect the car from unpleasant situations. With the lighting in the car back and front, you can declare that you are driving on the road. Parking lights recommended to include on the track, despite the presence of daytime running lights. In addition to the light in the front of the car, you also declare yourself in the rear optics.

I must say that there are just an incredible amount of options for bulbs with LED technology for parking lights. You can choose the solutions that you like best. It is enough to make sure that the manufacturer is famous and does not offer the cheapest low-quality bulbs. It is better to choose a more expensive, but high-quality T10 led bulb with the durable operation.

LED Bulbs for Cars

Is it possible to put LED bulbs in the headlight?

The headlight of a car today has many technology options that have their advantages and disadvantages. The headlight must necessarily be efficient and bright enough, but not sort out the power from the generator. When installing any solutions other than factory bulbs, you can upset the power balance and get certain problems due to low-quality light, excessive electricity consumption. LED headlights for dipped and main beam does not too well develop and have several disadvantages

  • In such bulbs, rather large diodes installed, which shine incredibly brightly, but at the same time they heat up, it is necessary to cool the system also;
  • Reflectors can overheat and burn out, turn black and stop giving effective lighting, which will cause very unpleasant consequences for the driver;
  • When one LED burns out, a domino reaction will occur, all your very expensive bulb will stop working, you will have to spend money on a new kit;
  • Non-directional light of the diode can seriously dim the quality of lighting with corrugated glass headlights, which is the standard for all cars with basic halogen light;
  • An incorrectly set and tuned headlight with powerful LEDs will significantly blind oncoming drivers no worse than xenon.

As practice shows, installing an excessively strong light in the head optics is dangerous for the life and health of the driver. If you blind the oncoming drivers, you will have to fear losing control on their part seriously, and it is you who are in danger. So putting LED lights with great power is only worth it if you can easily adjust the headlights in the middle of the road to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers. Otherwise, you will have to constantly go to the service and carry out the setup for the money.


In today’s world of optical instruments for cars, you can easily get lost. For one type of basement, such a huge number of technologies offered that the choice becomes a real tragedy for the driver. It is best to give preference to high-quality modern solutions that will help to illuminate the road well or demonstrate your presence to other drivers. The brighter the light, the better, but to overdo it with brightness is also not worth it. In this case, you can blind other traffic participants and substitute them and yourself in a certain danger on the road.

Choosing LED lights for your car, you can put all the optical light bulbs using only these technologies. But it should be noted that in the dipped and main beam, the option of LED bulbs is experimental. This result is not the most successful technology for this type of lighting, while one of the most expensive. So it’s better to buy good halogen bulbs that will shine no worse than LED solutions. Take advantage of quality offers and the highest possible lighting potential with minimal energy consumption. This result will help LED-bulbs for any optical light bulbs in the car.

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