Car Led Interior Light Bulbs
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The Advantages of Car Led Interior Light Bulbs

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Increasingly, factory halogen lighting in the car interior replaced by LEDs, which:

  • Require a very small amount of energy;
  • Practically do not affect the battery charge;
  • Do not load the car generator;
  • Differ in unusual brightness;
  • Have the ability to use light bulbs in different colors.

Because of the economic energy consumption and the increased LED glow brightness, which mounted in all the lighting fixtures of the car, has gained popularity. In all respects, they are more effective than conventional incandescent bulbs, which often burn out, and give a weak light.

When replacing the standard lighting in the passenger compartment, the main thing is to choose the right LED bulbs that will match the size of the connectors and dimensions, and be of good quality.


Bulbs for the interior lights can divide into four types:

  • 194 led bulbs that are installed in the standard connector and have a similar design and easily replaced;
  • Led panel light with increased dimensions and high working power, which placed in the standard connector, they sometimes require some tuning to put the bulb in;
  • The rectangular matrices have a different number of LEDs in the design. It often does not fit in containers because of their size.

The use of LED light bulbs in the various interior light helps to conserve battery energy, can decorate the appearance of the car, and makes it possible not to change burned out bulbs tiringly often.

Car Led Interior Light Bulbs

Also, they have many more advantages:

  • Have a high efficiency and generate strong light per 1 watt;
  • Do not heat up, unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs (their name speaks for itself);
  • Look very stylish and give originality to the interior of the car;
  • Make cars more visible to other road users;
  • Have a very long service life and are less susceptible to vibration;
  • The design assumes the presence of a moisture-tight casing, which completely excludes its effect on the product;
  • Thanks to the improvement of the response time, they light up for 0.2-0.3 seconds. Earlier than an ordinary light bulb, which is very important in an emergency.

In addition to the high price of LED bulbs, buyers are often confused by the question: Are the LED bulbs used in the car interior safe for human vision? Since they have less power than household appliances and are not used so often, their effect on the human eye is minimal and completely invisible.

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