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The Reasons Why Led Car lights Burn Out

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Changing conventional halogen bulbs to LEDs in your car, and you begin to notice over time that these led bulbs begin to blink for no reason, then, they shine dimly, and even burn out. This issue is the most common problem that an LED bulb in the car get a failure or burn out, which, of course, already has the solution to fix it.
What is the main reason? Anything can happen, of course. Maybe something is incorrectly connected. If you still keep the original light bulbs, you can insert them back into the sockets and look at the reaction of the car. If everything works correctly, the reason is not in the wrong connection and wiring.


Few, if he is not a professional electrician, of course, know that there are resistors in LED car light bulbs. In different led bulbs, resistors will also be different (mainly at 390-560 Ohms). The thing is that the declared power for lighting is not enough. And in the on-board network, as you know, there are some power surges, and 12 volts there is also almost always impossible to intent.
To avoid these inconsistencies, and as a result – the rapid failure of LED bulbs, you need to perform some fairly simple gestures that make the bulbs work much longer without burning out.

Led Car lights

What should be done?

  • Disassemble a dead LED bulb. The base from it will use;
  • Take a 912 LED bulb with a more powerful resistor (860 Ohm or 1 kOhm) and insert it into the prepared base;
  • If you take a 0.25-watt resistor and one kOhm, then it can fit tightly into the case. It will best be put in heat shrink (so that it does not touch another output);
  • Connect the bulb to the system. Everything should work smoothly.

As you can see, the solution to the problem turned out to be quite simple, but how much driver’s nerves and efforts were spent (for those who did not know how to solve it).

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