Tips on Changing Headlight Bulbs
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Tips on Changing 9007 Headlight Bulbs

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When removing your old halogen bulb and installing the 9007 bulb, proceed as follows:

1. Before starting assembly, the engine and battery of your car must be switched off.

2. Open the hood of your vehicle and remove the outer cover of the low beam. Turn the cover off clockwise.

3, Gently squeeze the retaining clip of the old lamp and pull the bulb out of the socket. Be careful, as the bulbs can easily break when pulled out.

4, Now insert the new 9007 bulb into the socket provided. Do not touch the glass of the pear. The residue of the skin burns into the glass, and the life of the 9007 bulb is significantly shortened.

Tips on Changing Headlight Bulbs

5. Close the protective cover and use the car’s lighting system to test the 9007 bulbs for the functionality of the installed lamp.

6. Do not turn on the engine and light at the same time. First, start the engine and then switch on the headlight, which can reduce the risk of voltage surges that over-power the 9007 bulbs and extends lamp life. If the light comes on automatically, you can optionally install a so-called power peak killer on the car battery.

7. After installing new and higher working power bulbs, check the adjustment of your headlights. You may need to make changes here to avoid dazzling the other drivers on the road.
Besides, you should clean the clear lenses of your headlamps at least every two weeks regularly for optimum visibility.

Finally, make sure you always have a pair of spare 9007 bulbs in stock. Once your headlight fails on the road, you can replace them quickly, avoiding dangerous driving without light at night. 9007 led bulbs are working greatly at night as well. They produce white color and instant light up, this can help you to catch the other drivers’ attention immediately and bring you a comfortable driving experience.


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