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Top 5 Reliable 9005 Led Bulbs in 2019

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Modern brands offer hundreds of 9005 led bulbs for selection. It is annoyed to compare hundreds of 9005 led bulbs and find the best one for our vehicle, and the process will cost much time as well. That’s why we want to help you: use our list of the best 9005 in the market to help you make the right decision.

You don’t need to worry about the reliability of the list of the best 9005 led light bulbs. Our team went out of their way to make this trustable rating list. We compare such factors of each 9005 bulb, including material, weight, price customer reviews, and many more details. We are welcome your suggestion if you want to supply something.

Reliable Led Bulbs

#1 SAFEGO 9005 60W LED Bulbs

It can replace not only the halogen bulb but also the hid bulb. A cooling fan is an integrated union unit in the bulb body, which can make faster heat cooling and reduce noise. This 9005 led bulb can produce 10,000 lm for each light bulb with pure white light (6500k), Cut-off line is clear, no dark spots in the light beam pattern. What else surprised you are the high efficiency, energy-saving, long-distance, and long lifespan. This 9005 led bulb is not just brighter but also safer on the road.

SAFEGO 9005 60W LED Bulbs

#2 Blade 9005 40 Watt Led Bulbs

Quality guarantee 

The supplier offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 2 years warranty and lifetime technical support.

Better visibility

The lumens output of Blade 9005 led bulb is 12,000 lumens (6,000 LMS per bulb). It is 200% brighter than standard halogen bulbs. The LEDs will emit 6000k cold white lighting, no dark areas or shaded areas, and provide the best driving visibility at night without blinding the oncoming traffic.

360 adjustable beam pattern 

Nine thousand five-car lights come with adjustable mounting collar in all grades. You can make adjustments to get a perfect beam pattern on the road. The 9005 led light bulb comes with an excellent heat dissipation fan. It takes brass with a unique thermal conductivity as substrates to quickly conduct heat from the LED to the fans. The coating made of aviation aluminum alloy for rapid heat dissipation. Built-in high-speed silent fan, you can barely hear the fan when working. Perfect heat dissipation system, lifespan longer than 50,000h.

The light bulb adopted an all-in-one design; it is plug and plays when installing. You will take 20 minutes for installation. Water-resistant is an ip68 rating and designed for use in heavy rains or other extremes weather.

Blade 9005 40 Watt Led Bulbs

#3 F3 ZES 9005 Led Bulbs

Super thin

This 9005 led bulb is the tiny size. It can replace both the halogen bulb and hid the bulb. We don’t recommend you to install them in the small headlight housing. Or the heat cannot be released quickly, and the bulb temperature will be high, it can cause the bulb to burn.

Brighter and safety

We improve the heat control built-in bulb body with an MHC redline driver and turbo cooling fan to ensure your bulbs last longer than your car.

Super bright

The led bulbs made of COB (the highest quality led) chip. It can produce 3,600 lm +/- 200 lm for each led bulb, with crisp white light (6000k).

F3 ZES 9005 Led Bulbs

#4 PJ Projector Led Bulbs 9005 HB3

High power quality

The 9005 led headlight conversion kit is adopted advanced CSP led chips, which can produce 6500k white light bulbs and 8000-lumen output (4000lms per bulb). The lumen output of this bulb is much more than halogen and hid bulbs. You can get 130% more light on the road than standard halogen bulbs.

The efficient heat dissipation system

The PJ 9005 led bulb uses high-quality standard aviation aluminum for the bulb body. It has a built-in fan to control the driver for achieving the best performance and thermal protection. By our exclusive cooling system, the PJ led bulb can have faster thermal conduction than other automotive headlight bulbs.

PJ Projector Led Bulbs 9005 HB3

#5 M3 Halogen Size Led Bulb 9005/HB3

The 9006 led bulbs equipped with constant-current driving ic for longer life and low power consumption. The lamp has a built-in aluminum housing with a projector lens for maximum light output and better heat distribution.

The ZES LEDs on the bulb can emit 360-degree xenon white light, which is 100% brighter than the original bulb. The led bulb makes you be seen more clearly and farther away during the day and nighttime driving, giving other drivers more time to react.

Each led bulb comes with 21 pieces of high brightness Philips led chips. The bulb has a wide voltage controller so that you can install it in a car or truck headlight. Each led bulb can produce 2400 lumens output. The bulb length is 7.8 cm, while the width is 0.71 inches. It is the same bulb size to a halogen bulb and is perfect for customers to install it.

M3 Halogen Size Led Bulb 9005/HB3

If you are interested in the 9005 led bulbs above, you can find them on Amazon or get them on, here you can buy them at wholesale price with the same warranty.

Reliable Led Bulbs

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