H7 light bulbs
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What are the H7 light bulbs to drive in good visibility conditions

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Every motorist knows the importance of good lighting to drive at night or in rainy, snowy, or foggy conditions.

Therefore, equipping the headlights with the best light bulbs on the market is of paramount importance for safe, quiet, and comfortable driving. Today there is a wide range of light bulbs of all kinds, which could make your choice difficult if the pros and cons of each of them are unknown. Currently, the most successful bulbs are among drivers, and the ones that best illuminate in low visibility conditions are the H7 in its halogen, xenon, and LED versions.

What are the best H7 bulbs

The halogen bulb is good on price and affordable, but they have a common drawback: they all work at very high temperatures, which leads to a short lifetime. On the other hand, xenon bulbs stand out for their high luminous efficacy and various lighting colors, but they are expensive and require the installation of individual ignition blocks. Its LED equivalents are considered the best by several factors: they are ecological, efficient, and have a long service life. However, due to its high price and somewhat complicated installation due to the difficulty in correctly adjusting the light beam, the LED bulbs have not had much acceptance from the drivers.

H7 light bulbs

What are the best H7 bulbs in a halogen version

The ranking of H7 bulbs that illuminate the brightest lighting is the Philips X-Treme Vision +130%. I think it is the brightest halogen h7 bulb on the market. Besides, it has 130% more lighting power than other H7 bulbs in their class and gives off an intense bright white light that illuminates at a distance of between 75 and 100 meters. All this allows the driver to recognize an obstacle and a possible danger on the road before other halogen bulbs. The second and third places in the ranking occupied by Philips X-Treme Vision and MTF-Light Argentum + 80% bulbs. They increase the light intensity to 100% and the lighting distance to 35 meters, which is higher than the conventional halogen equivalents.

What are the best H7 bulbs in xenon version

In turn, the ranking of the best xenon bulbs starts with the Philips MTF-Light model, which gives off a soft white light and has the brightness intensity of up to 3200 lumens. It follows by MTF-Light H7 bulbs, whose useful life is 2000 hours, the heating time is 5 seconds, and the color temperature range is extensive. In the third place is the Sho-Me H7 model of low cost but high quality, whose power is 35 watts, and the life span is more than 2000 hours.

What are the Best H7 Led Bulbs?

It’s hard to argue against swapping out your vehicle’s old halogen headlights for LEDs. Not only do they add a touch of flair, but LEDs are brighter, have a longer lifespan, and are generally more energy-efficient. H7 led bulb can have 200% more brilliant lumen out compared to halogen bulb at almost the same bulb size. But on the light penetration, halogen bulbs would be better than LEDs. LEDs can only illuminate at a distance of 50-75 meters. On lifespan, LEDs can last between 30,000 to 50,000 hours, while halogen bulbs can only last around 3000 hours.

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